Wellness Tools

Practice Breathwork

Credit: Jasmine Marie,

Founder of Black Girl Breathing

Credit: Healthy Kids, Growing Minds, and Take 5ive

Practice Meditation

Credit: Jessamyn Stanley,

Co-Founder of The Underbelly

Credit: Devin Brown and Therapy for Black Girls

Practice Affirmations

Credit: Joy Anderson

Credit: Calid B.

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We examine the liberating power of naps. We believe rest is a form of resistance and reparations.

Far more than a walking group, GirlTrek is a life-saving sisterhood. We are a campaign to heal intergenerational trauma, fight systemic racism and transform Black lives.

Learn a new self-care strategy every day, get support from a diverse community, and explore an audio library of meditations, bedtime stories, and calming sounds to help you shift your mindset or mood.

Liberate is a subscription-based meditation app that includes practices and talks designed for the Black community.